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How to Decorate for the Holidays

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The holiday season is officially here, and it’s in full swing at Avery Lane. We have the entire store decorated head to toe, hopefully to provide inspiration for your own home. We’re more than a furniture consignment store, we offer home accessories and holiday decorations, perfect to fit any home decor.

These holiday animals are dressed the part, and ready to be a staple in your holiday decor. They add a whimsical, and youthful touch to traditional decorating. When styling these in the home, try placing them on the mantle above the fireplace, or on a hutch in the living room. They also look wonderful when sat next to your holiday throw pillows, right on your sofa.

Adding subtle touches of neutrals like this modern Noel sign, and this white church can really tie an entire room together. Small pieces like this are great last minute touches, that can either stand alone, or become the focal point of the room.

Let’s not forget the dining room! Our favorite way to dress this room up for the holidays is with a festive centerpiece right on the dining room table. We’ve gone for natural greenery with red ornaments to add a pop of color. To add dimension, bring in height with a Santa Claus figure, or a bottle of your favorite wine. Place all of your items on a tray, or table runner, to complete the look.

Our favorite way to decorate for the holidays is the Christmas Tree! What we love about our tree is that we add a lot of ornaments on it without it looking busy. We do this by picking various sizes and shapes and we spread them out, so no alike ornaments are right next to each other. Add a fun tree topper, like our oversized bow, and you’re done.

We have a wide variety of ornaments in the store. This display of glass ornaments is bright and colorful, which is perfect for your non-traditional Christmas displays this year. Adding these to the tree, or centerpiece on the table, will add fight in design that we love so much here at Avery Lane.

The holiday season is about spending time with friends and family, and decorating your home is part of the fun. Create stunning and inspirational designs in your home with the help from Avery Lane. From our family, to yours, we wish you the happiest of holidays.

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