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Design Rules of Thumb

We at Avery Lane understand that everyone's taste or style is different. As we have learned, all decorating rules are meant to be broken. There are a few rules of thumb to be taken into consideration, and this is merely a guide to improve the look, feel and flow of your homes.

Smaller Space: buy furniture that is relatively compact and very simple and clean.

Larger Space: buy furniture that is large so that it is not lost. Purchase oversize pieces with wide arms and deep seats, big accent tables and large ottomans in front of chairs.

Accessories: end tables and lamps must be the same proportion as the main furniture pieces. Tables:

  • Side tables: should match the height and the depth of the arms of the sofa or chair

  • Coffee tables: should be slightly lower than the seat height 17" - 18"


Lamps should be to scale of the furniture too. Balance and harmony are very important when choosing and placing lamps.

  • Up-light on a pole is great for a dark corner

  • Down lights (pot lights, mini-spotlights on tracks) give a modern look in hallways

  • Two lamps should highlight a fireplace

  • In work areas, islands and counter top eating areas

Area Rugs:

Large enough to tuck under the front legs of the major pieces of furniture in the room Drapery Rods:

  • Placement is 2" above the window frame or just halfway between the top of the window frame and ceiling line.

  • Rod should extend at least 6" to 12" beyond each side of the window frame.


  • Picture or Art above the sofa should be two-thirds of the width of the sofa and the bottom edge should be around 10" to 12" above it.

  • The center of any picture or group of pictures should be roughly 58" - 62" from the floor.

  • Pictures of groups that are not directly over furniture should be hung so that the center is around 60" - 64" from the floor.

Proportion of Colors:

  • General rule of thumb: is 70-30% or 60-30-10%

  • Stick to two or three colors

Neutral Background-Main Color-Accent Color

This is a three color combination and if the walls are neutral, they would be most of the 60-70%, your main furniture pieces would be the 30% and cushions, art, accessories, would be the 10%.

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