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Cool Down Your Home for Fall

Fall is right around the corner and while we still may have a few more months of this heat left, we can still “cool” down our homes, no air conditioner required. Keep reading for some tips on how to bring the temperatures down on the inside, while we wait for the outside to catch up!

Choose Cool Colors

Think about your color choices this fall and use cooler colors like whites, camel, tan, citrine green and greys. If you already have darker furniture, think about pillows and what you can do to offset the dark colors you already have with something a bit cooler.

White on White

As we discussed above it’s all about choosing cool colors. But it’s also about layering those colors. A big fall trend is white on white. It's gorgeous, fresh and unexpected. And is a sure fire way to keep the “coolness” inside of your home, while everyone is still melting outside.

Try a Tray / Bar Cart

We all know a glass of water will do in the heat, but what about a display of something a little more refreshing on a chic tray or even more stylish, a bar cart. Make it accessible in the rooms where you spend most of your time. It’s OK if you have a few throughout the home, as this is one of the easiest ways to keep “cool” in your home, while also staying hydrated. And don’t forget the crystal!

Texture, Texture, Texture

In the absence of color, it is always important to add plentiful texture and movement, even if you use various neutral tones throughout the space. From the pillows on the sofa, to the wall decor, to the details of the accent furniture, use natural textures, fluid shapes, and calm, clean colors.

Go Green

Incorporate more green and flowering plants in your balconies and interiors, these green plants will restrict most of the sun rays and heat coming from outside. Also, it will fill your interiors with freshness.

Update your Furniture

Update your old dark wood furniture with new bright shades of furniture which will compliment to the season of heat. Avery Lane has a showroom filled with furniture that will help you cool down your home if you are in need of a complete update.

We can’t wait for fall to arrive as we are in need of a serious temperature change, but in the meantime, we will just “cool” down our homes. We hope to see you at Avery Lane soon and don’t forget to check out our online showroom.

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