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How to Host a Summer Dinner Party

We are thrilled that it’s finally summer in Arizona (sort of). When you forget about the sweltering heat, there is still so much fun to be had during the season. This is a great time to spend with friends and family, while showing off your home decor (both inside and outside) during a summer BBQ or at an intimate dinner party!

Avery Lane can provide the decor, while you provide the fun! Here are some tips on how to host the best summer dinner party ever!

What’s Your Style?

Are you modern or traditional? Will it be fancy or casual? Do you need to break out the fine china? Whatever the occasion, find your theme and make it that way throughout everything you do. If you are throwing an intimate dinner party, make sure you break out the chargers, your fine china and the napkin rings! Don’t forget the centerpiece of faux florals or something unique, like one of our horse head busts or some fancy candle holders.

Round vs. Long Dining Tables

When it comes to round vs. long dinner tables, you have to think of your guests. Is it a party with friends and family? Or more of a networking mixer? If it’s something intimate, where there will be a lot of conversing, make sure you have a round table. If this party is more of a mixer, where everyone may not know one another, opt for something long.

Centerpieces are Always a Good Idea

As we said above don’t forget the centerpieces. Think of your theme, is it a summer BBQ? If so, think about something fun and casual. If it’s more of a fancy dinner party, think about something that will stand out, like some ginger jars, or something in the crystal family.

What’s a Table Without a Rug

We love the idea of incorporating a rug under a table, both indoor or outdoor. It adds such a fun element and really makes the space unique, while also separating it from the other parts of your home. Opt for one in a geometric print or a bold color, depending on your style. Remember, this is one of the best ways to change up an entire space. Who would have thought a simple rug could have so much power.

We hope Avery Lane inspired you to host an amazing dinner party. Visit us at for more inspiration and to see the latest pieces we have in the showroom.

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