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French-inspired Decor at Avery Lane!

Bonjour, mes amis! Experience the elegance of Paris without leaving your home with our very own Avery Lane 'Shop Girl' Darlene Richert! She's whisking us away on a stylish journey through our showroom, where every turn is a 'voilà' moment of Frenchie-inspired wonders.

From sparkling chandeliers that dangle with chic, to consoles and desks that hint at tales of quaint Parisian lanes, and artwork that enlivens your walls with élan - we're here to sprinkle a little Parisienne magic into your abode. Ready to transform your space into a French fairytale? Let's flâneur through our fabulous finds together!

By the way: "Flâneur" is a French term that describes a person who strolls or wanders the city in order to experience it, without any specific purpose or destination. The concept of the flâneur is often associated with 19th-century Paris and has strong ties to literary and cultural studies, particularly within the fields of urban modernity, psychogeography, and the sociology of the urban environment. Yes, we looked it up.

Avery Lane is a quirky treasure trove of amazing one-of-a-kind designer furnishings, antiquities, and amazing artwork from all over the world. Avery Lane is located at 15613 N. Greenway-Hayden Loop in Scottsdale, Arizona.


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