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Summer Colors

It is officially summer time and we are ecstatic over here at Avery Lane, located in Scottsdale, Arizona. Since Arizona is known for being one of the hottest states in the country, I think we deserve a home makeover for the summer.

Summertime means all new colors. Different fruit and veggies are ripening and bringing color to your backyards, so let’s bring some of the color to the inside of your home. Here are three different summer decorating tips you should utilize with the help of our furniture/decorations at Avery Lane.

Summer Colors should brighten your spirits

Think soft pastels or electric versions of those colors. What works in your home? That could mean changing up your cabinet colors or bringing in a piece of colorful furniture. With the help of fresh flowers and decor, the bigger the better, so try something you have not tried before! Light blues should make you think of the ocean and clean white should brighten up your mood. Consider purchasing a color palette and play around with these bright colors.

Burst of color in your bedrooms

The color does not always have to come from your furniture, it could come from your wall paint as well. Pick a dynamic color that you love, think of a design for your wall, and voila you’re done. Pick out furniture that accents the color, like a small throw blanket at the base of the bed or crisp whites for your side tables.

Express yourself

We all have a fun part of ourselves that we do not show to the everyday world, so this is the most perfect time to do so, with furniture or accents in your home. Nothing is better than waking up in a home that creates joy. Start your mornings off better with these tips.

Avery Lane has a warehouse full of fun and different consignment items looking for a new home! Come visit us in Scottsdale, Arizona or at to see what kind of fun summer colors we can offer your home! Happy Summer!

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