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How to Add Color to Your Home

We are talking all about colors! Furniture is not just furniture. When placed right it brings the whole home together. This is why we focus on the color and then the theme of your home. We love bringing in unique pieces, but a home feels like a home when everything is pleasing to look at and comfortable to be in. We wanted to discuss some basic tips and color combinations to make you feel like a furniture expert!

1. Choose a bold color for your room

Being bold can be fun and refreshing! Color theory states that choosing two colors that are complementary and are opposite of each other on the color wheel, creates the perfect combination! Take a look at this color wheel for a great example of choosing opposite colors like blue and orange and purple and yellow.

2. Ready to take the next step?

Take one color and match it with the two colors adjacent to its complementary color. We are talking blue, yellow-orange, and red-orange. This can be difficult for beginners but we are always here to help you. Think of colors as energy: cool colors bring calmness, while warm colors bring harmony.

3. Here are some more little cheats to know!

- We love being colorful, but don’t overdo it! Play with three colors max. If you chose two bolder colors, be sure to match it with a softer color to give your eyes a break.

- Select your bolder colors first, then choose the first colors that come to mind. Always go with your gut!

- Don’t be afraid! You can always change your mind depending on the season!

- Check out some apps that can help you on your phone to match the colors that you want!

Now, go have fun! Remember that you can always come to us when you are ready to pick out the best matching furniture for your home!

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