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New Year, New Design

It’s a new year, which means it may be time to spice up your home designs. It doesn’t matter which room you choose to spruce up this year, Avery Lane has many options to really ramp up your style this new year. Keep reading to see if the latest 2018 interior design trends might fit into your home. And please, contact us or visit us online to see all the great pieces we have in our showroom!


Bring it around town! Whether it’s a subtle pattern on a pillow or a round coffee table or lamp, circles are going to be huge this year. And don’t just stop at circles, anything that has to do with hard geometrics is going to be popular.

Moody palettes

Bright whites and beige have been a huge trend over the last few years, but this year we are going to see a shift. It’s all about deeper color tones, metals and wood.

Warm colors

This trend goes along with the previous one, and as mentioned above, light colors are OUT. Think yellows, reds and even orange to spice up your living space.


If this year’s color of the year signifies royalty, than this trend certainly goes along with it. This luxurious fabric can take a piece of furniture and even a whole room to the next level of sophistication or glam!

Bold fixtures

One of our favorite ways to change up a room without replacing all of the furniture is to get a new statement light fixture which is exactly what this last trend is all about. Draw the eye up to the ceiling with a bold, fun fixture and spice up a room without breaking the bank.

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