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Native American Day

Living in the southwest, we are no strangers to all things Native American. The influence is all around us, as we live in the heart of some of the bigger tribes around the country including the Navajo, Apache, Pima and Havasupai. Every year, Native American Day is celebrated on the second Monday of October (this year on Oct. 9th) to honor and celebrate the culture and contributions that the various tribes have made to the United States. In some states, such as South Dakota and California, this day is recognized as a holiday.

Culturally, design is a big element we take away from the Native Americans, and at Avery Lane, it’s something we love to celebrate. The deep earth tones and intricate textiles make for great additions to design to incorporate into homes here in the southwest. From rugs to pillows, to artwork and accessories, you’ll see a lot of fabulous Native American inspired pieces throughout our showroom.

Below are some of our favorite Native American style pieces that are in our showroom. You can also watch this video as Darlene, Avery Lane’s Shopgirl, tells you about a few more southwest and Native American style pieces.

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