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The first day of Fall is right around the corner, and for us Arizonans, that also means closer to patio season! The temps are finally dropping, and the air is cooler. While some states are starting to cover the patio furniture, we’re taking advantage of the cool weather and revamping our outdoor spaces!

Here at Avery Lane, we have so many outdoor pieces to choose from. No matter your style, we have something to complete your outdoor oasis.

This oversized loveseat and chairs are perfect for those seeking a cozy getaway. We could see these outside of a chic home that uses a lot of white and beige to give off a classy and timeless look. This set would also work under your poolside pergola.

For those that are fans of Paris, these french inspired pieces are perfect for your outdoor seating area. The detail on the metal is so intricate, and would look great with the newly upholstered black and red cushions. We like to think of our shop as one you’d find along Saint-Germain-des-Prés neighborhood of Paris, and this seating set is no exception!

Here’s another loveseat we couldn’t resist reupholstering! When it comes to accent seating, you have to take risks. The outcome is stunning! We could definitely see this in a courtyard, or even poolside.

When girlfriends get together, that usually means wine is involved. It’s nice to sit in close quarters while chatting and reminiscing with friends. This small round cafe table is the epitome of comfort, especially with tall back chairs that you can really relax in.

When Fall hits the desert, you’ll find us outside entertaining. For those with big families, you’re going to need room for all of them. We love this outdoor table because it can be used for dining, or serving, during your next barbeque potluck! The lattice metal work on the table and chairs is so detailed, and can go with any style home!

If you took a vote, most Arizonans will probably tell you they look forward to the fall and winter months here in the desert. We’re finally back to hiking, golfing, and hanging out outdoors. Your outdoor space is a great place to take risks, and add fun fabrics with intricate designs. When your backyard feels like a resort, you’ll always feel like you’re vacationing. Come see all these outdoor pieces, here at Avery Lane, in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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