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Tips on Lighting Up Your Home

Tips on How to Light Up Your Home

The lighting in a room can make or break the overall feel of the design, and especially the mood. We have so many great options at Avery Lane when it comes to lighting that we want to share some of our favorite design tips for lighting up your home.

First things first, you can never go wrong with natural lighting. The amount of good that natural lighting can do for a space is unmeasurable. Of course some homes have more windows than others, but if you are lucky enough to have big open windows, take advantage of them. This glass body sculpture was brought to life and given a whole new color tone once we put it in front of our windows.

Next let’s move our gaze a little bit higher in the room to chandeliers. A nice chandelier can be a statement piece. Whether it’s in a front entry, greeting your guests with a warm, low light, or in the dining room above a table to set the mood for a dinner party, chandeliers have so much versatility. We have a wide variety here at Avery Lane ranging from these wooden, African inspired pieces (we have one in black, white and turquoise) to this fancy crystal one. You are sure to find the chandelier that fits just perfectly in your home.

Moving on to table lamps, one of the more tricky pieces of lighting. Typically this type of lighting will be most functional and used everyday, so it is important that placement and the amount of light is just right. For both living rooms and bedrooms, it is important that the lamps are at the same level on either side of a couch or bed. They do not necessarily need to match but height is crucial. It is also important that the light is being directed where you need it. If you are lying in bed reading you want to make sure the light is above you. (usually 24-27 inches tall). The last element to consider is the lampshade, making sure the shade is not hindering the amount of light given off by the bulb. These sleek, modern lamps with somewhat transparent shades are one of our favorite pieces in the showroom right now.

These are just a few of our lighting tips that we think are most important to remember. Lighting and the fixtures that come with it can completely change a room. It is also an easy way to change a room if you feel a little stuck in your design. Stop by the Avery Lane showroom to see all of our latest lighting additions and see if you can find something that will take your home from dull to illuminated.

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