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Earth Day

Earth Day is coming up this weekend, and we’d like to take the time to appreciate everything the Earth gives us in the design world. Earth tones, desert tones and plants add a certain hominess to a room and we love to see these types of pieces in the shop.

Faux plants are one of our favorite design elements here at Avery Lane. They bring a freshness and lively feel to a room, while also adding tons of texture. It’s a simple, yet extremely easy way to bring the outdoors in.

Using outdoor color schemes is another great way to bring the Earth inside your home. We love this green couch featured here but colors like beige, taupe and brown also make for good neutrals that add more Earthy tones. Here in the desert bringing in colors like sand or terracotta can make your home feel more in tune with the outdoors, and turquoise is always a great accent color.

*These French garden blueprints pictured below are also a great, unique way to add touches of our beautiful planet to your home.*

Here in Arizona, we are lucky enough to have beautiful weather for a lot of the year. Earth Day falls in a time where the weather is just gorgeous, which means it is a perfect time to utilize your outdoor furniture and really enjoy the Earth. Take a look at our tips on making your outdoor space amazing.

Every year, Earth Day reminds us just how lucky we are to call this planet home. Visit our shop to see if you can find pieces to bring into your home to make it just a little bit more Earthy.

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