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Thanksgiving Tables

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and for many of us that means lots of food and lots of guests. Often times hosting people at your home can be very stressful but with ideas in mind beforehand on how to decorate, the holidays can be much more enjoyable. Here are some tips and tricks from us at Avery Lane to make your holidays run more smoothly.

The table you will eat around is one of the most important aspects of the part. Deciding whether you will have a round or rectangle table is the first decision. A round table makes a more intimate and cozy setting, while a rectangle can accommodate a large number of people easily. Another thing to consider is the type of seating. While separate chairs are great, we are loving the idea of picnic table style benches. They provide a little bit extra space and the potential to squeeze in one more person at the table.

Another very important thing to consider is what will be on your table. Are you going to do a full place setting or just the silverware and napkins? Will you break out your fine china or keep it simple with everyday dishes? And what about centerpieces? Keeping them low to the table and less flashy ensures that your guests will be able to see each other and have conversation. If you will be serving food from the table it is also important to limit the amount of other stuff on the table to make sure there is enough room for everything and the table is not cluttered.

Preparing for Thanksgiving shouldn’t be stressful and we have tons of options and advice to give here at Avery Lane. From dish ware to seating, we have everything you need to be able to host the most perfect Thanksgiving dinner that is sure to impress your guests. Stop into the store and see how you can transform your home for the holidays.

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