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Incorporating Halloween

Sometimes with decorating it's hard to be festive without being too over the top. We find this especially true when it comes to Halloween. With all the witches and ghosts and skeletons out there, it’s hard to be subtle about what time of year it is. Here at Avery Lane, however, we offer a variety of different decorating options and accessories so that you don’t have to feel like your house has turned into a haunted mansion.

Our first two items are very seasonal and we get a shipment of them every year! We just love these black and white checkered items especially the pumpkins and acorns. They add a touch of fall without being too cheesy and are definitely usable throughout the entire year. Another item we just love are the skeleton characters. They aren’t too big and bulky and add a sense of Halloween without being too in your face.

Another great way to incorporate a feeling of Halloween and Fall into your home is with furniture. A statement piece chair like this orange velvet and beige leather are perfect. Adding orange or any fall colored pillow to a black chair or couch is also a great way to subtly bring in Halloween without going crazy.

Fall is such a festive and fun time of year, and decorating for it does not have to be complicated! Simple additions and color pops are all you need to make your home feel a little spooky this Halloween season. Stop into Avery Lane or visit our website to find all these great options and more!

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