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5 Ways to Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese tradition that dates back thousands of years, originally used to establish safe dwelling

places where families will flourish and prosper. The purpose is to create positive energy to promote a healthy, happy and productive life. Here are a few tips brought to you by to help you Feng Shui your house this summer.


This is the first point of entry into your home so it is important to make a bold statement. Things like bright lights and vibrant colors signal vitality. Using “weight” like a bold area rug are perfect ways to add Feng Shui.

Dining Room:

Consider switching to a round dining table. The round shape is thought to bring wealth and promote prosperity. Make sure to place your table in the center of the room. (Oval and Octagon shapes are also good options)

A good way to enhance your dining experience and create Feng Shui in your home is to add a crystal chandelier. It adds light while also promoting a slower paced meal and time to enjoy your guests. Chandeliers also promote chi (energy force) within the space.

Living Room:

When considering how to place your furniture, remember that bigger sofas should be firmly planted against walls and all other seating closer to windows and light sources. You want the space to feel warm, close and intimate.

Another Feng Shui tip to keep in mind for the living room is keep it lively. Including living plants, fresh flowers and light reflecting mirrors helps create energy in the space and encourages life.

Feng Shui helps add energy and promotes positivity. All items featured are available at Avery Lane, so you can start your Feng Shui process today and add a little more chi into your life.

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