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Adding a Little Bit of Modern to Your Home

When you think of the word “modern home,” you may be thinking high-tech, flashy gadgets, and minimalist furniture with whopping price tags. Let go of what you thought before, and check out Avery Lane’s take on what actually makes a home a modern home.


Lush, green houseplants can be striking features in any hallway or room. If you have white walls and no wall decor, a deep green plant can add a pop of color to an otherwise bland wall. Set up a table in the hallway and add two matching plants on each end of the table to create symmetry and depth. A decorative bowl or stack of books in the middle of the table complete the setting. For all of you that aren’t gardeners out there, a fake plant will work just as well as a real plant. At Avery Lane, we are all about succulents and fake plants you couldn’t tell were fake!

Bar Carts

All the rage on Pinterest, store a bar cart in your dining room, living room, or kitchen for a fun space-saving decorative item that’s ready to entertain. Style it with paper straws, champagne flutes, a potted plant, and your favorite drinks. Change it up for the holidays!


Want to spice up your everyday look with a quick decor trick? Put a sheepskin on it! Add one to your floor, draped over the couch, or on your bed. The fluffy flair adds a high-end, plush look to your space.

Geometric Angles

Whether on the walls or as table centerpieces, having decorative geometric pieces to your home adds modern elegance. Plus, you can pair with a wide variety of furniture styles.

Need more modern home inspiration? Stop by Avery Lane and we will help you achieve the modern home of your dreams!

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