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How High to Hang Curtains?

It's curtains...hang em high! So much goes into the of hanging curtains, depending on the look you're going for will depend on where you put them. When in doubt, here are three lengths you can practice with:

There are three standard lengths for draperies or curtains.: 1. To the window sill 2. to bottom of apron 3. 3/8” above the floor or carpet pile

If you hang sheers behind the draperies, their length should be 3/8” shorter at the top than the draperies they are to hang behind.

Sheers are usually 4 times the width of the window.


  • Outside width of window is 63”

  • Width of fabric is 54”

  • Total unfinished length of draperies is 114” (12” is included for top and bottom hems)

  • 3 x 63” = 189” / 54 =3.5 (rounded to next highest number) = 4 widths

  • 4 x 114" = 456” / 36” = 12.6 yards of 54” fabric with no repeat is needed

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