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How To Feng Shui Your Home Office

Do you want to redo your home office? Do you need a new ambiance for a change? Do you feel like inviting good luck into your business? Why not try to feng shui your home office?

Where to Put Your Home Office Feng Shui has been around for thousands of years. The Chinese believe that certain arrangements attract balance thereby attracting the right energy. One of the most important factors if you want to feng shui your home office is the location. Not only will the room's location determine the pathway of energy to your home office, but the arrangement of the objects inside the room itself will help the energy flow more freely.

For example, the Chinese believe that home offices should be located in the front of the home. This is because they believe that in order to be successful, one should get the full force or "qi". They believe that this energy will get weaker as it travels to the back of the home, so it is best to put it in front. Bad locations inside the house for a home office are the basement, anywhere near the bathroom and the central area of the house. Likewise, the home office should also just be a home office and should not double as something else. If it is being used for any other purpose, like it doubles as a bedroom at night, feng shui masters believe that the two "energies" of the room will cause problems during work and sleep.

The "Center" of the Office According to Feng Shui masters, the most important piece of furniture is the home office desk. The desk should be free of clutter and should be positioned diagonally aligned with door and the back of the chair against a wall. This is said to be the most commanding position in the room and has the most chance of "success". It is advised to avoid placing the desk in line with the door, facing a window or in a corner. Avoid putting the chair with its back facing the door or a window.

Other ways to attract wealth into your home office is to place live plants like the lucky bamboo or the money tree. Windows are considered as entrances of energy, so try finding a room with lots of windows. If there are no windows then that can still work but make sure to incorporate brightness into the room by placing bright lights and artworks depicting nature.

Use Bright Colors Your choice of color and office decors must also be considered furthermore. Brighten up the room by using bright colors on the walls and other decors. Avoid using dark or bland colors. After all, bright colors will make the place look more lively and happy. This will reflect on the people in the office and those who enter the room will feel warm and welcome.

Some feng shui masters will use a bagua map in order to locate career corners in order to optimize energy flow into the room. The room should also be organized and clean all the time. The desk should not be bogged down with files. Regular organization and proper filing of your documents is advised so that the table is not cluttered at all times.

Lots of people are now looking into feng shui for their interior designs. It has come a long way from China and it has become more common in Western cities. Although critics dismiss feng shui as nothing more than "pseudoscience" or a "superstitious scam", there is no denying its popularity and who is to say that it doesn't really work unless you try it out for yourself?

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