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How to Style an Entryway

Your entryway is the first thing you (and your guests!) see upon arrival, so ensure it makes a lasting impression. Whether you have a grand entry hall or a makeshift foyer nook, there’s plenty you can do to make the space your own. Here are some tips to style an entryway to really make your guests talk!

Pick a Theme

Stick with a single theme that will help unite the space. This is the best way to introduce your guests to the story of your home. If you have a smaller space, think about adding some wallpaper. If you have a more grand space, think about what items you can place in it that will help unite the space.

What You Need to Get Started

There are some basic items that you should have in your entryway. You don’t need all of these items, but we would say to at least have 3 of them. A sturdy table, a statement rug, some kind of no fuss seating, storage, fresh florals, a coat rack, an accent mirror, lighting, and some kind of fun decor that represents you and your family.

Tip: find items that will be used for symmetry to create order in your entry, like matching pairs of lamps and accessories.

The First Thing Your Guests See

An entryway table really sets the mood for your home and can show off whatever you want your guests to see. Your guests will get to know a lot about you by what they first see when they come into your home. Put your time and energy into the entryway so that every time anyone walks in, they get a sense of what story you have to tell.

Tip: If a home’s architecture doesn’t include an obvious area for an entry, establish one with a substantial piece of furniture, such as a chest, to anchor the space.

An entryway is the place where you put your passions on display. Books, artwork, and favorite objects are always great additions to the space, regardless of whether it’s a grand entry or an apartment nook.

Avery Lane has a wide variety of tables and accessories that will help you build your own story. We believe in making your home your favorite place. Visit us at to shop our gallery.

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