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Inspired by European homes and luxurious materials like suede, leather, and velvet, ornate patterns and solids are a way to add a refined touch to any home. Come get inspired at Avery Lane!

Celebrate National Wine Day every day with wine buckets, glasses, decanters, and posters dedicated to your love of wine. Save water, drink wine!

Mirror, mirror on the wall... Avery Lane is the fairest of them all! These are not your average mirrors. With detailed frames and French touches, our mirrors are simply exquisite. Hang in your home to create a lighter, brighter atmosphere!


At Avery Lane, we are honored to feature original works by Linda Carter Holman, Timothy Chapman, and more. Stop by our art sale to purchase one-of-a-kind pieces.


Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese tradition that dates back thousands of years, originally used to establish safe dwelling


places where families will flourish and prosper. The purpose is to create positive energy to promote a healthy, happy and productive life. Here are...

 A whole new world opens up with an area rug... well not quite but it sure can pull a room together!  See how these area rugs transform simple black furniture into a really exciting vignette. 

Lets talk pillows.  A pillow is a place to rest your head at night, but it can also be a bold statement.  Avery Lane has some great statement pillows for any couch or comfy chair to enhance any piece.  


A pair of chairs makes any room feel particularly posh.  The fluidity of a room can completely change with twin chairs and turn a hodge podge into a sophisticated, pulled together room.


 Avery Lane has some wonderful pieces that look like they could have come right from the 1700's section of the Louvre.  The beautiful gold embellishments and incredible scenes are truly magnificent and would be a talking point in any home.  

We are adamant to get these pieces somewhere where they'll make someone happy.  Come in to Avery Lane today and make us an offer!

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May 28, 2020

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