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How To Make a Gallery Wall

Gallery Walls are the newest home design element that we can’t get enough of. They’re a great way to show off memorable items and the best part is that they are the easiest thing to do yourself!

All you need is an empty wall and your imagination.

What Will You Include?

The best part about a gallery wall is that it’s all up to you. You can add only pictures or bring in pieces that will add dimension. You can keep it organized, or give it an eclectic feel by giving it no order. Items can include family sayings or names and pictures of loved ones. Keep it close to your style and it will be your new favorite corner of your home.

Pick a Theme

We’ve seen a lot of themed gallery walls that we really love. If you love to travel, collect mementos from your trip to turn into a gallery wall. This could include maps, tickets to events, or souvenirs from your favorite places. If you have cherished family photos, a great way to showcase them is in a gallery wall. If you have more of an eclectic style, you can purchase different frames for each photo for a whimsical feel.

Let’s Get Started

Once you’ve found your items, lay them on pieces of butcher paper and create paper cutouts of each item. Creating paper cutouts will allow you to tape them on the wall in your desired design, without nail holes. You can rearrange the cut-outs as many times as you need in order to get your look. Check out how Lulu & Georgia plans out her gallery wall.

We’re sure your gallery wall will become your new favorite design in your home. Not only a conversation piece, but a way for guests to get to know you better. For inspiration or pieces to add to your own gallery wall, visit Avery Lane in Scottsdale Arizona. And always remember, have fun with it!!

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