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It’s time to study up! As we get back into the swing of things, with summer coming to an end and school starting, it is important to think about the best place in your home for “study” or quiet time. Whether you yourself are going back to school, have a job where you work from home, or your child is starting another year of learning, it is so crucial to have a good place to get the work done. Here at Avery Lane, there are many options for you and your office space, and we think now is the perfect time to spice it up and add some new pieces.


The first and most important thing to think about in an office space is the desk. It is the piece that will get the most use and will also be the centerpiece of the room. Thinking about how much space you would like to have to work with is key. Desks range from grandiose and strong, to cute and practical. Maybe you have multiple children and want a few desks in the room, or maybe just one big desk with a lot of surface space, there is a desk for everyone!

Desk Chair

The next piece to think about is the chair that sits behind the desk. This is an important piece because if you plan to spend a lot of time working or studying, it is important to have a great chair to sit in. Sure, typical office chairs are nice and supportive, but there are also great options that add some flair to the room, while also being practical.


An office space is a great place in a home to also act as a small library. It makes sense to keep books and files in this room, and having a library in a home just makes everything sound more classic. Placing a great bookcase or armoire to store all of your favorite books (or not so favorite text books) is a must.


If you’re going to be studying for hours or working on a big project, it is important to have a well lit space. Lamps and overhead lighting can help light up a space as well as add a great design element to the room. The options are endless as long as you feel you have enough light to work, or study properly.

We hope this has given you some ideas on how to spice up your work or study space! There is never a need to sit in a boring old office with white walls and a plain desk. Let the creative juices start flowing and head over to Avery Lane for all your office space needs.

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