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Color Your Summer

In the heat of Summer, all we want to do is spend time indoors in a nice air conditioned house. So why not make your inside space the best in can be? Maybe you don’t want to completely remodel, but adding a few pops of color and some fun statement pieces to your home this Summer might be just what your home needs. Check out these great options all available at Avery Lane Fine Consignment.

Starting in the entryway of the house, consider adding a wreath to the inside of your door for a pop of color. Nothing says Summer more than bright lemons and leafy greens. The metallic accent is also a nice way to add a little flair to your home.

Going along with the metallic theme, adding a bold entryway table or dining buffet is a great way to spruce up your space. This one is perfect because it provides nice storage, while also adding unique textures and lines.

Add a pop of color in your sitting or living room with these great arm chairs. Not only is the color great, but adding patterns in a room makes it more fun and interesting to look at.

Using art in a space is a great way to incorporate a lot of color without adding big bulky furniture. It is also easy to swap out season to season, making it the perfect way to spice up your home this Summer.

Another easy way to add a new piece and bring some color into a room is with accent rugs. They are very temporary and can again be changed out from season to season. This one is great with the pop of yellow and white, which really say Summer is here!

Summer means the beach and a great way to add a summer feel to your space is by using nautical themed items. Start in the bathroom with these coral accessories to add a beachy vibe to your space.

All of these Summer items and more are available at Avery Lane Fine Consignment. Head over to our gallery to find other bold, colorful, statement items to liven up your home this Summer!

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