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Tips for Accessorizing

Accessories are the finishing touches of color, texture and shape that impact your decor. The role they play is important. They reflect your style philosophy and pull your other décor selections together to create groupings that make design sense. Here are some tips for accessorizing in any style of home.

• Repeat a color at least three times in a room - in varying degrees of intensity

• Relate art to its surroundings. Art prints placed about 6" to 9" above a sofa will create a more interesting and unified look.

• Cover two thirds of the space above your furniture with one or more pieces of art to achieve proper proportion.

• Position artwork at "eye level" to look at the center of your art from either a sitting or standing position.

• Vary the height of table top accessories for balance and interest!

• Create a formal look with symmetrical groups of art. Create an informal look with asymmetrical groups.

• Place mirrors so they reflect something beautiful. Use them to add dimension and expand space or reflect light in a room.

• Display art on easels in corners, bookcases or on table tops.

• Arrange small groups of objects in odd numbers. Pleasing to the eye.

• Try to vary heights. The eye craves visual movement - so creating a "peak and valley" type of accessory plan does the trick.

• Mix and match accessories for more visual interest. Example if all frames were of different metals or materials and differing heights and sizes.

• Add a touch of Mother Nature - silk plants.

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