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Buy and sell home furnishings at Avery Lane with ease.

Become A Consignor

Avery Lane would like to warmly invite you to 

Avery Lane Luxury Estate Sales

Avery Lane is proud to provide the same quality customer service, professionalism and sophisticated experience to those clients with an entire home to liquidate.  And sometimes, quite frankly, the items appear more luxurious in your home, so let’s make it a showroom for a weekend.  Ideally, we need 30-40 days notice to seamlessly execute a beautiful and profitable estate sale.   We apply the same pricing, marketing and event merchandising to the estate sales as you see in our showroom throughout the year.   We even bring the champagne and macarons!


*Avery Lane Estate Sales are limited to the following areas:  Scottsdale, PV, Arcadia, and Biltmore. 


Five Step Process

  1.  INVENTORY:  Our professionals will do a Home visit to photograph and catalog the inventory for the Estate Sale.  We’ll advise if some items should just be donated as the write-off might be more beneficial

  2.  PRICING:   We will provide fair pricing based on our research and your receipts/input.   We realize you are motivated to have a successful sale and we’ll bring our special receipt to make sure things sell quickly.

  3. AGREEMENT:  There’s no mystery.  We provide a complete agreement which outlines your inventory, pricing and payouts.   We run our business like a business.

  4. MARKETING:  We have a database of over 2000 clients, 300 designers/ dealers and many of the top realtors in the valley.  We aggressively market the estate sale through our social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and send personal emails to our top clients.  We want huge attendance. Note:   the sooner we get involved, the more we can market to build interest.

  5. EVENT EXECUTION:  We suggest 2-day events to attract more people. Our crew will organize, set up, and price all of your items in your home as though they were in our showroom. We bring champagne and light snacks for the shoppers to enjoy. We even play our elegant music in your home when possible.

SOLD ITEMS: Will be tagged immediately and we’ll coordinate with our movers to get things delivered within 1-2 days following the sale.

UNSOLD ITEMS: Any items not sold will either be donated or transported to the Avery Lane showroom to be sold under a typical 90-day consignment contract.


Avery Lane will pay out 60% of all proceeds for the items sold during the Two-Day Estate Sale.   Items transferred to the Avery Lane showroom will be paid out according to our normal consignment policies – 60% for items sold in the first 30 days and 50% paid out for items sold in the next 60 days.   Any items not sold during the 90-day term are available for the owner to pick up at the end or they’ll be deemed forfeited after 100 days

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